AFP Logs and Lumber, Inc. Sawmill Division in Buckhannon, WV

AFP launched its first sawmill construction project in 2004 to add to the existing dry kiln division already in place. AFP Sawmill is equipped with 2 6′ McDonough Band Head Rigs and a 6′ McDonough Band Resaw which allows us to produce over 150,000 board feet of lumber with 2 shifts daily. AFP utilizes 2 mirrored optimizing Laser controlled edger’s to size the lumber. Certified graders inspect every board guaranteeing superior quality with each and every piece of lumber.

From the stump to the saw, AFP controls all quality assurance, utilizing every part of the tree in the manufacturing process. The “green imprint” of the sawmill business is emphasizing the future, with Best Management Practices in the forest, to utilizing the full product of the log harvested wasting nothing in the process and regenerating the forest for future harvest.

In 2015 AFP finished the second phase of sawmill addition. This mill was termed “Industrial Timber Products” by design. The main focus of this mill was once again with an eye on the future. Better ‘utilization of the forest products, manufacturing up to 40’ length product. Whether it is Bridge Mats for the construction industry, Crane Mats for the gas and oil industry or Architectural Timbers for the Timber Frame business. Railroad Ties for the Railroad, pallet lumber for the every growing pallet business all ties into the by-products generated from the manufacture of these products. Mulch for landscaping and charcoal, sawdust for pellet fuel and wood chips for the paper mills are all generated at AFP as part of the utilization of all of the beginning product, trees. AFP is a true steward of the forest with the consummate eye on the future, securing the regeneration of the trees left behind by select cutting the large trees to allow the sunlight to reach the understory and grow the next generation to be harvested. Trees, America’s most renewable resource. AFP, the steward of that renewable resource.